SmartRoadSense, reloaded!

The new and improved SmartRoadSense 3.0 is now ready, right on time for the holiday season, both for Apple iOS and Google Android.

The original SmartRoadSense app for Android was released in February 2015 and has been on the road for months, achieving almost 25.000 kms of tracked roads thanks to our beta-testers and early adopters!

In the meantime, the SmartRoadSense team has been feverishly working both on our infrastructure, the road quality measurement system and, of course, the mobile application.

SmartRoadSense 3.0 has been rewritten from the ground up, now including the following new features:

  • At first launch, a short tutorial with guided setup (including an accelerometer calibration step) is displayed.
  • Vehicle type and anchorage type can be specified for each recording to improve data quality and aggregation accuracy.
  • Improved and more efficient opportunistic background upload (uses less data and consumes less power).
  • Fixed GPS location tracking and suspension detection (if you forget turning off the app, it will stop recording automatically).
  • Several stability improvements.

Let us know what you think here through the comments and leave a 5★ review on the store to support the project. We are eager to hear from you. Happy road-sensing!