Back from Web Summit 2018

Our CROWD4ROADS team is back from Web Summit 2018, the largest tech conference in Europe. There they joined other CAPS projects at the “Social Innovation Village”, hosted by the Social Good Accelerator, and endured four intense days attending our booth, listening to talks, and walking around the huge area (mostly with a blank expression on their faces).

Our CROWD4ROADS stand within the Social Innovation Village.

Founder of the Web Tim Berners-Lee captivated the audience at the opening ceremony and stressed the obligations of the community to close the digital divide and fix the Web for everybody. On day 2, Microsoft vice-president Brad Smith and Tony Blair also underlined the disruptive capacity of the tech industry and the need for political discourse to catch up with these changes.

Jeanne Bretécher for Génération 2 led the “More Social Good in Tech, more Tech in Social Good” discussion, focusing on changes to institutions that were not designed for the world we currently live in. Talks continued during the “European Night” side-event at Casa do Impacto, with over 60 participants.